Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato is 'a man who exemplifies what it means to reinvent yourself' (Breakaway Magazine). His work is about the power of choice and the impact of culture, class, and socioeconomic status.

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2019 Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist

‘An outstanding work of contemporary fiction … written with great empathy and keen observation.’ — SPR

'A fraught love story between white London lawyer Austin and noncommittal Noah—a Muslim man dealing with personal and family issues—gets more complicated with each page. When drugs, HIV and stigma enter the relationship, so does tragedy.' — POZ Magazine

‘Hard-hitting prose enhances this potent narrative in a seemingly effortless depiction of real life. Every direct word builds on the novel’s precarious foundation, a slow progression into an awakening for both protagonists when their relationship crumbles.’ — The BookLife Prize

Poverty. Politics. Betrayal.
The new novel that readers are saying 'can't be put down' and 'deserves the hype'.

Terence is a novelist who has just penned his first successful book. Facts come to light that reveal that his political fiction is actually based on the real life escapades of Britain's new prime minister. Careers are jeopardized from the fallout. Coincidentally, after picking up a copy of the book, a teenager named Milo meets Terence while begging for change on a profitable sidewalk. This chance encounter will change the lives of both of them forever.

'A Dragonfly's Wing is a moving LGBT coming of age novel ... Between its political intrigues and emotional highs and lows, [it] sheds light on underwritten issues such as poverty nestled among the affluent.'
— Indies Today


Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato is a writer, educator, and culture commentator. His monograph Virginia Woolf and The Judicial Imagination, is based on his doctoral research in law. Jeremy has visited more than fifty countries, lived in six of them, and writes wherever he happens to be. His passion for writing led him to leave his corporate job in 2019, move to Paris, and become a full-time author.

My Memory Told Me a Secret, Jeremy’s first novel, delves into how our upbringing determines who we become. It was followed by the literary thriller A Dragonfly's Wing in 2020.


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